Braving Nollywood- Rahma Sadau and Yakubu Muh’d join the cast of ‘Sons of the Caliphate’

Rahma Sadau is tinling the path of her FKD mentor Ali Nuhu! and the actor who is currently pursuing an acting course in hollywood is solidly behind her.

After rubbing shoulders with nollywood’ big wigs, Rahma Sadau and Yakubu Muhammad are now joining the cast of ‘sons of the caliphate’

A Dimbo Atiya production pursed by ebony life tv which is being directed by Kenneth Gyang. The two will be following the path of Ali Nuhu and Sani Danja, the lone wolves who’d managed to transcend the regional divisions within Nigerian cinema.

These Jos guys are really opening up the guild.

Good Luck Rahma!


The two musketeers. Rahma and Yakubu are braving the tumultuous waters of national cinema
Mofe Duncan, Rahma and Yakubu
Sadau with Mofe Duncan
Enjoying the set- Rahma craking it up with Nollywood’s Yvonne Hays



Yvonne with director Kenneth Gyang
Yvonne with director Kenneth Gyang

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