I’m Not A Virgin- Rahama Sadau stirs waters with revelation

Its not like we didnt know, but the fact that she had the guts to admit it, is sending cold shudders down our spine.


Most of the women on Today’s bridal covers have sold their virginity to the goddess of lust long before any man asked for their hand. The most flourishing medical specialty in the North right now is plastic surgery, and they are not doing boob jobs or filling butts with fat, they are tying up virginas so those high bearing girls can mimic through surgery that stain endowed evening they have lost long ago. And we know this! So our problem is not with the fact but with the fact that it’s no longer a secret kept within the four walls of the North.

Rahama, in this case has become another wall breaker. She is forcing us to look inward into our selves and admit our own failings to our selves. The time of virgin brides is coming to an end. Tearing up that sheath, might have been the dream of every new husband, but the reality is, that stain, when you see it, is more probably the fine work of an Abuja plastic surgeon than God’s bounty unto you. Someone has tilled that soil before you, live with it

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