I’m not married to you- Gumsu Sani Abacha strikes back at haters

If there’s one thing that gumsu Sani Abacha knows how to do its hitting back at haters!

She once took Wole Shoyinka to the guters-  his drone kongites render an assist.

Well Arewa moral police are about get a feel o what its like to mess with the Sagese. She gave em a wakeup call on her an page

You know yourselves!!! You say good stuff in my face…then turn around and stab me right in my back… But still you come to me when you need to put a word or two across… I have always been there for all of you!!.. Don’t forget that KARMA is a bitch???… Do not look for me when it comes hunting. And please you guys better stop bugging me. I am not married to you??


ts always been a love hate relationship between Gumsu and the moral sheikhs, on the one hand she’s teh General’s daughter and on the other, she’s as Parisian as they come!


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