Kano grinds to a halt as Kwankwaso lands

The ancient city of Kano came to stop as former Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso makes his first visit since leaving the largest State of the federation for the Federal Senate.

Speculations had been rife that the rift between Kanwaso and Ganduje was tearing the Kwankwasiyya Movement apart. Perhaps the ‘Madugu’ was out to prove us wrong


A legion of supporters broke through Airport barricades to reach the run way after Kwankwaso’s arrival

Kwankwaso waving to the crowds

Hundreds of cars, parked outside Kano International waited several hours, anticipating his arrival

Fence climbing! Airport security couldn’t control the hysteric supporters

Waiting for ‘Madugu’ hundreds of Women’s organisations form Kano’s staggering 44 local Council Areas mobilised to welcome the former Governor

On the way to Ganduje Town, town after town came up the highway to catch a glimpse of the APC stalwart

A convoy several kilometers long escorted the former Governor all the way Ganduje in remote Dawakin Tofa


Entering Ganduje, A hosts of supporters were waiting for the former Governor

Welcoming the Senators convoy

Towns people at Ganduje, hoping to catch a glimpse of their guest


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