MashaAllah- Now We Can See Aljanu with an Ultra Sound

The bounties of Allah are great indeed!

Who on God’s heaven approved these “islamic” medical centres?

A religious medical centre in Katsina state is claiming to have diagnosed “chronic spirit illness” or farfadiya as its known in the local hausa language through an ultra sound scan.

Spirit illness being an ancient myth that presumed illnesses were caused by evil spirits or aljanu, that occupy a patient’s body.

Northern Nigeria is becoming known more for these sort of religious scams than anything else. and worse of all, these Malams and pastors are using scientific instruments to scam innocent people.


Bello Salisu, a quack doctor claimed to have diagnosed spirit sickness with an ultra sound

But it gets more disturbing, despite some sort of education, a poll taken two  years ago showed that at least 70% or doctors in Kano actually believe in the existence of aljanu or spirits. At least 40% said they believe that there are diseases that can “only be cured through prayer”.


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