Paying the price of fame- Laylah Ali Othman goes silent

Arewas No1 Vlog gal has been silenced by trolls.

Laila Ali Othaman is feeling the pinch after she was subjected to a series of attacks by stalkers and bullies. Gossip is that the attacks were so vile prompting some of her friends to step in for her.

3 days after the debacle, the vlog gal has gone silent with rumours from some within her cycle saying the L and N founder intends to end her Blogging days.

The Abuja based interior decorator has fallen prey to cyber stalkers

Laylah is no stranger to fencing, she rode to fame striking a whopping 50000 followers on facebook (one of the largest for a non office holder in Northern Nigeria) with her courageous and often confrontational blog posts. Her often nonconformist attitude towards marriage and child hawking had irked many conservatives amongst her friends.

The attacks were reportedly so vile prompting some of her friends to intervene

In January this year a Knottedpost writer listed her as one of the people to watch in Northern Nigeria’s cyber community.


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