Politician Beds 15 Prostitutes • Infected His Wife With HIV • Snatches Another Man’s Wife (Photo)

Chitungwiza mayor, Philip Mutoti, 45, is embroiled in a nasty divorce with his wife amid revelations that he was bedding at least 15 women and paying for the services.

Chitungwiza mayor, Philip Mutoti

The town father allegedly pays US$100 per night for the services of the women, Alice Kuvheya, 31, revealed. Mutoti was also accused of using sex enhancing pills in the shenanigans.

Alice reported cases of rape and domestic violence at St Mary’s Police Station against Mutoti. She claims that she was infected with a deadly virus by the mayor when she was restored two years ago.

There were ugly scenes yesterday at Mutoti’s residence with the police and the mayor’s wife being locked out-as they moved in to arrest him and collect her belongings at their St Mary’s home.

Mutoti hit the headlines for snatching a married woman last month and subsequent wreckage of the marriage.

“I am tired of him; after he infected me anga ava kundiudza kuti ndiri kumusemesa. He can have up to 15 girlfriends and gives them US$100 as payment.

“In order to manage the whole night having sex, he buys the Blue Diamond Pill,” she said.

He raped me in 2013 which is when he infected me and as soon as I fell sick akanditi kana usiri kunwa mapiritsi, watoparara.

“He brings his girlfriends home including the one who was published to be having an affair with him,”Alice said.

Alice indicated that Philip had a violent behavior.

“Philip is of a violent nature, he can send bouncers to beat up someone if they do not get along,” she said.

She said after H Metro published Philip’s illicit affair, he started sleeping in a separate spare bedroom.

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