Really BBOG? We Thought you were doing it for the girls

No sooner had Hadiza Buhari, Chairperson of Africa Support and Empowerment Initiative (AFRISEI) and The Nigerian Peace Corps (PCN)  inaugurated a ‘Chibok Girls Endowment Fund’ to cater for the welfare of the 21 schoolgirls released by Boko Haram last week, the BBOG organisation released a statement “dissociating” itself from the fund.
Blame us for thinking that Madam Obi and her entourage will be happy seeing a multi million naira fund that promises to take care of these traumatized girls. Or is it a competition of some kind? Do BBOG need to stay in the picture?
Or maybe the born agains at BBOG just do not trust Hadiza Buhari- a woman who has never held a “Nigerian Ministry”(unlike some).
Maybe the other Hadiza who founded the organisation needs to step back from the Lagos Marina and take back BBOG before it implodes


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