The Crisis Continues: IStandWithBuhari appoints Maryam Shetty as National Cordinator

The crisis ridden pro buhari civil advocacy association, IstandwithBuhari has just appointed Maryam Shettima AKA Maryam Shetty as its national coordinator.

Shetty will become the thrid person to hold the post in the 3 month life time of the organisation. Her prdicessor, Mutapha Ramlan resigned just weeks after taking over the helms of the now infamous movement.

Many commentators in Northern Nigeria have called for a total boycott of the organisation following revelations that its founders were also the brains behind the pro jonathan civil campaigns of 2015.

Shetimma, a Kanoan physiotherapist has been a vocal advocate of PMB on social media and has a modest following on facebook.

Shetty, takes over IstandwithBuhari
m r.jpg
Ramlan, resigned just weeks after taking over
Ramlan’s resignation letter


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