The Rush for Menk- Mufti Menk stirs the ‘Kanawa’

From Aminu Dantata to Adama Indimi, Northern Nigeria’s big whigs were stired to the brim by the muslim evangelist preacher Mufti Menk.

Menk was given a red carpet reception during his visit to Kano over the weekend. He personally hosted by Billoniare businessman Aminu Dantata and the Emir Sunusi himself.

Culminating in a lecturer he delivered in the Afficent, the event was attended by some of Kano’s finest with a ticket selling for more than 100,000 in the black market!

A Hijabi for the day! Adama Indimi went puritan when she vistied Menk on Saturday in Kano
A Selfie with him. Menk is one of the new generation ‘techy’ sheiks that use the social media to woe their herd
With his Royal Highness! Emir Sunusi II received Menk at Gidan Rumfa on Friday
even the Billionaires were in for the ride. Aminu Dantata hosting Menk at his city mansion
Farewell! Menk at MAKIA

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