Trouble in paradise- IstandWithBuhari divides CUPS, Dr Idris and IG Wala battle it out

There’s trouble in Citizens United For Peace and Security. CUPS is the fastest growing and by far one of the most influential civil society organisations in the North today, but the Coventry born organisation is sailing stormy waters with the controversy surrounding the IstanWithBuhari campaign threatening to tear the organisation apart.

Dr Idris Ahamed, one of the organisation’s founders and its public face yesterday joined the anti IStandWithBuhari campaign, calling the group a scam that people should beware of.

Chinedu Okpalanma and Fati Adams, enduring the the IStandWithBuhari storm

Dr Idris claimed that ” Chinedu was the National Coordinator of the notorious Goodluck Initiative For Transformation (GIFT 2015), which went about harassing Nigerians with hired demonstrators, espousing for Jonathan to contest the 2015 elections before he even declared his intention! Mr. Chinedu is seen in the attached photo during a Press Conference in Transcorp Hilton, Abuja. Flanked on his left is one Hajia Fatima Adams, who was the Chairperson of Contacts & Mobilisation Committee of the dubious GIFT organisation.”

Dr Idris Ahmed, The public face of CUPS

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But it turns out that IG Wala, one of the foot soldiers of CUPS is also a prominent figure within the IStandWithBuhari campgain. And he was not happy. A few hours ago Mr Wala took to social media, breaking for the first time, the mythical invincibility of CUPS. Mr Wala Said

IG Wala- Not happy with Dr Idris’s take on the IStandWithBuhari affair

Dear Idris Ahmed,
Remember that CUPS was under such attacks until every individual that was in CUPS abandoned you. I personally stood by you, I did some ground work here in Nigeria that helped stabilized you. I supplied credible documents against individuals that are bringing down this country and linked you up with the “Presidency” where you got you feet. It was the moment that CUPS bounced back. I did all these because, I saw your passion and because, many may not have understood you. You will never deny any of these things I am saying. You know I am an asset that CUPS (even though, it is clear that you alone is CUPS) cannot look straight into my eyes and refer to as scammer, but you did. If this is what you represent, if this is how you run CUPS and if this is how you want to go, I will spare you the space to do your worst but trust me, you will surely regret hurting people that matters in your life. KEEP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF FEW IGNORANT FOLLOWERS THAT HAVE NO BUSINESS MAKING INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATIONS AND DECISIONS IN THEIR OWN LIVES.

According Aminu Abdullahi a Digital Culture researcher: “CUPS is no stranger to controversy, since its rise less than two years it has invoked the wrath of senators, governors, Army and Police officers, but all the while it has kept the public appearance of invincibility, it seems one of the biggest organisations to occupy Northern Nigeria’s digital space is about to implode, but we shall see”


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