Kaduna Declaration: Buy One get Three Free- Reactionary politics at work  By  Aliyu Abdullahi Sumaila 

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-Aliyu Abdullahi Sumaila is a Nigerian Politician
The ‘Kaduna declaration’ by a group of unknown youth groups’ is quite unfortunate. This is the problem of ‘reactive leadership’. Our intelligence services must wake up. They ought to know before hand when some South eastern groups decided to declare a ‘no movement’ period in their region. The Administration should have taken steps to end that siege mentality. But it was allowed to continue even after an open declaration. Now, it has become a field day where another northern group have sprang up making a stupid declaration.
As the barriers dividing countries are collapsing, some narrow minded people are advocating for small enclaves. These advocates of secession have no place in our polity. They can’t even win an election in the polling booth in front of their houses but they claim to be speaking for an entire region which is a mere geographic expression that does not exist.
Our Grandparents had their Empires, our Fathers their regions but we only have Nigeria; a project that makes us the must populous black nation on earth. I for one will never be ready to be part of any small enclave of ethnic chauvinists. Science, tells me that most of the people predominantly occupying the present Nigeria were cousins about 50 generations back.
The Administration must start being proactive; economics is the super- structure. The ugly head of stagflation has reared its ugly head. What we went through some few quarters back was a combination of inflation and decline in growth. The second phenomenon was widely acknowledged but it was more a combination of both. We must not remain poor students of history. This phenomenon always comes with political costs. Remember Germany of the 1930’s that led to the emergence of Adolf Hitler proclaiming the superiority of the Aryan race. The sad part of all these is that this generation does not read. The rise to political power of the Nazi Party is well documented in “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich” and “Mein Kempf’. The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte who became the French Emperor in 1804 after a turbulent revolution between 1789 and 1799 is also documented.
The inaugural speech of President Buhari promised a sociological study to determine the causes of the violence in the North- east. This must be extended to become a national project. Above that, the promise for change must be defined. We cannot expect to be getting different results from the same institutions that put us in the mess at the beginning. Change means a fundamental shift in thinking and process of doing things. The Administration is obsessed with doing the ‘right thing’ instead of doing ‘things right’.
To address the economy, you must change the institutions that manage the economy. The independent institutions of the Central Bank, Securities & Exchange Commission, Pension Commission and National Insurance Commission must come under the regulatory control of the Commander in Chief through his proxy- the Minister of Finance. The Governor of the Central Bank is more powerful than the President because of the extent to which he can make decisions without recourse to the National Assembly. Economic management is about using both monetary and fiscal policy tools to achieve full employment at the least cost to the economy. The dangerous separation of fiscal and monetary authorities is just a western agenda that will continue to perpetuate poverty. Above that, creating these seemly independent bureaucratic institutions is adding to the cost of Governance.
A word is enough for the wise.

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